Dash Cam Video: Going Above and Beyond

Travis Fortnum


A couple members of the Ridge Meadows RCMP went above and beyond the call of duty yesterday morning.

At about 9:30 A.M., Constables Justin Depew and Ryan Kniepkamp were on patrol in the community just outside Vancouver when they came across a stalled truck.

The truck was stopped in an awkward position, so the officers stopped to check it out.

The driver, a local mom and her two kids in car seats, had run out of gas.

The mom informed the officers she had just gotten off the phone with roadside assistance, who told her she would have to wait for over two hours for help.

On top of that, the area was in the midst of some nasty winter weather.

Constables Depew and Kniepkamp say they could sense the mother was at a loss of what to do next.

They felt compelled to help and started to push her truck to a safer location.

Two other drivers joined the officers in the feat.

Once the truck was through the intersection and in a safer location, Constable Depew drove to a nearby gas station.

He filled a jerry can and brought it back to the stranded family.

The officers filled up the truck and send mom and her kids on their way.

The best part: it was caught on another driver’s dash cam!


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