Confrontation Over Not Wearing A Mask in a Dawson Creek Grocery Store Ends In An Arrest For Kevin J. Johnston


Video posted to Kevin J. Johnston's Facebook page shows the controversial Right wing personality apparently being kicked out of a Dawson Creek Grocery store for not wearing a mask.

Johnston is Dawson Creek to speak on Saturday. The video show him being asked to leave the store.

Johnston is shown trying to conduct a citizen's arrest of one of the store's employees.

The video then show Dawson Creek RCMP arresting Johnston.

Mounties say they have one man in custody

Johnston has argued against public health orders requiring people to wear masks. He frequently appears in videos without a mask and ridicules measures put in placed by health officials to try and stop the spread of COVID-19.

In 2019, the Ontario Superior Court ordered Johnston to pay $2.5 million in damages for hateful and racist comments against a restaurant chain owner in Mississauga.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Jane Ferguson said the "defendants’ behaviour reflects a contempt for Canada’s judicial process, an abuse of the very freedoms this country affords them and a loathsome example of hate speech at its worst.”

Jonhston launched a series of coffee names that includes the racist brand called “Wasted Native.”
The self-proclaimed online journalist regularly posts about the superiority of white people, along with rants against immigration in general and Muslims in particular.
This is a developing story.

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