City of FSJ to hoist First Nations' Flag

Brendan Miller


Fort St. John City Council is moving forward with plans to install a new flagpole that will fly a First Nations' flag outside City Hall.
Last month, City Council approved that they will install another flag pole outside City Hall, dedicated to all the First Nations people in the region.
“What we’ve decided is now that that has been approved in principal, we will now go back out to the Chiefs of the communities and say, “We would like to fly a flag. What would that flag look like? How would it represent you?” You and your elders tell us,” said Lori Ackerman, Mayor of Fort St. John. 
The flagpole will not be installed until the city has received feedback from all First Nations in the area and they can come together to decide which flag will be flown.
Mayor Ackerman says Council’s unanimous approval for the project represents the importance of honouring First Nations in our surrounding communities.
“The reality is that they have been stewards of this land for time in memorial. We fly Canada’s flag; we fly the province's flag. There is absolutely no reason that we should not fly the flag of the First Nations', who have been here forever,” said Ackerman.
The project is expected to cost the city just under $5,000.

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