BC Transit announces changes to Dawson Creek's bus routes


BC Transit has announced some changes to bus routes in Dawson Creek.
The organization says it received a lot of customer feedback after releasing a survey about routes and schedules. On July 3rd, new modifications will come into effect on all bus routes.
Highlights include the addition of new weekday trips between 10:30 am - 2 pm on Route 1 Northside, 2 Southside and extending Route 3 Central to the Alaska Highway. Other changes include schedule adjustments to offer improved connections at the Co-Op Mall, extending Route 1 Northside service to Sunset Ridge between September and June, and modifying Route 2 Southside so that all trips go to Canadian Tire, Walmart, the casino and the aquatic centre. Route 2 Southside will no longer have stops at the hospital and library; however Route 1 Northside and 3 Central will continue to serve the area.
BC Transit says the improvements were the result of customer engagement.
"Whenever we go through a change like this, we do go through an engagement process and make sure the changes that we're looking an implementing will actually meet the needs of our customers," said Jonathan Dyck, communications manager with BC Transit. "This is for both current customers and potential future customers." 

The organization says even more changes could be on the way.
"I think that within our transit system, we're always looking at ways to be innovative and find ways to connect communities like Dawson Creek and other communities that we serve," Dyck said.
BC Transit says they will continue to look at options to expand service in the city.

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