A Christmas Puppy Delivery comes to the North Peace BCSPCA

Travis Fortnum

Santa might be coming to town next week, but this week - some special guys of a different breed arrived in Fort St. John.

Social media was shook this week, when a post alerted residents to the arrival of 6 new fort st. Johnians…
Six, 6-week-old shepherd-lab mix puppies.

Candace Buchamer is the Branch Manager at the North Peace Branch of the BCSPCA.

"We had an opportunity to help out Takashi's Animal Rescue,” Buchamer explains. “We've been trying to work as much as possible as we can with them. They do a phenomenal job for being in a small community with so many animals.

“So I contacted Laura, she's the president of the rescue, and we made an arrangement. She found transportation up for them and we have these six little guys available for adoption at the shelter now."

It doesn't get much cuter than these guys, but it comes at an important time. With the holidays here - it’s important to remember the commitment and responsibility that comes with bringing a pet into the family.

"We want someone who's serious about adopting,” says Buchamer, “who understands that it is a long term commitment.

“With any luck this is going to be 10, 12, maybe 15 years of your life. So we just want to make sure people are prepared not just thinking it would be wonderful to have a new puppy at home for Christmas.”

When you, or the person looking for a friend, see them in person - you get a sense of the bond that will form.
Animal activism group PETA has been outspoken about the importance of recognizing the commitment that comes with adopting an animal.

And pop music artist Sia even wrote a Christmas song about it.
The SPCA welcomes people to come by whenever and visit these guys and the number of other animals in their care. The staff is always happy to answer questions about the adoption process, and they’re always looking for volunteers.

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