8th Street bridge construction begins in Dawson Creek

Taylor MacIntyre


The provincial government is paying for a construction project in downtown Dawson Creek.
Over the next two years, the culvert on 8th Street will be transformed into a bridge - and the work is just starting to get underway. 
The construction zone will stretch from the Dawson Creek Mall at 110th Avenue to 107th Avenue. 
The purpose of this project is to eliminate the periodic flooding on this strip of roadway.
"They're going to put a four-lane bridge in, so it'll be two lanes now - exactly the same as it is today - two lanes north-south," says Mayor of Dawson Creek, Dale Bumstead. "The construction will start gradually now. Next year, they'll replace two lanes, so two lanes of 8th Street will go and they'll get the bridge so that two lanes are open and then the following year in 2020, they'll have the second two lanes open."
The bridge will be approximately 85 metres long - and the Mayor says it will also add some flair to the Mile Zero City.
"The walking path now will come off of the top of the hill and it'll go under the bridge as well, so they'll be another really nice added feature to it." Mayor Bumstead continues, "But we're just excited about getting the project underway and it's going to be a pain - it's going to be some trouble for a couple years because you're used to having four lanes of traffic and now we're going to be down to two through there. We are just asking people for their patience and it's going to take some time to get it built, but once it's built, we have a brand new bridge in there that's going to be a big benefit for the long-term."

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