6-year-old boy in Fort St. John to help break world record

Myron Mayne


This Friday at the Pomeroy Sports Centre there will be an attempt to break the world record for distance flown by a paper airplane.

It all started with a phone call from 6-year-old Parker Andrews in Fort St. John to John Collins in San Francisco, California.

From there, the idea to smash the record here came about.

Parker says he is up for the challenge.

“I’m not…I’m helping him beat it, I thought  I was going to beat it on my own, maybe when I grow up and I’m sixteen,” said Andrews.

Collins, also known as “The Paper Airplane Guy,” will attempt to break his previous record of 69.14m set in 2012 with his signature paper glider.

Collins says he enjoys getting kids interested in science and paper airplanes.

“At six years old, ah Parker what’s special about this plane, what’s one of the main features of this guy?” said Collins.

“The dihedral angle,” replied Andrews.

“Dihedral angle, the fact that Parker knows about that dihedral angle just sends me because that’s a key thing in getting kids jazzed about aerodynamics is great and getting kids excited about science is great. You’re excited about science right Parker?”

 “Yeah, and you need a little bit flat in the nose, flat in the back, then high in the middle.”

“That’s exactly correct! And I love that Parker knows that.”

Today, they spent the morning practicing throws and adjusting air issues within the Pomeroy.

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