DAWSON CREEK -- According to Earthquake Canada, an earthquake hit the Peace River Region Sunday afternoon, about 200 kilometres southeast of Dawson Creek.

The quake registered at 4 on the Richter scale, explains Earthquake Canada. It struck at 3:07p.m at a depth of 10 kilometres below the surface. There are no reports of damage.

Earthquake Canada says they are still investigating into the cause of the earthquake. They have not made a decision as to if the quake was related to the industry or fracking in the area.

The Alberta Energy Regulator confirmed that they aware of seismic events that took place Sunday, just south of Musreau Lake, Alberta. They are currently ensuring that their mitigation protocols are in place. They say they are continuing to monitor the area.

It comes after three mild earthquakes in March of this year. A quake with a magnitude of 4.5 was recorded 35 kilometres northeast of the hamlet of Reno. It was followed by a 4.6-magnitude quake and a third with a magnitude of 3.8, Earthquake Canada said.

The three quakes were the aftershocks of one of the biggest quakes to strike Alberta last November. A study from the University of Alberta and Stanford University found oil and gas activity likely induced that one.