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6:00 AM C-FAXLINE Hiccup Dan For Mayor
6:30 W5 Corner Gas
7:00 CJDC Morning News
7:30 Canada's Worst Handyman
8:00 Cornerstone Paid Programming
8:30 Sport Fishing
Canadian Sport Fishing Adventures Conversations
That Matter
Lumberjacks BC Outdoor Sport Fishing Adventures Sport Fishing Adventure Conversations that matter
9:00 Degrassi BC Outdoors Sport Fishing CJDC Week in Review
9:30 Degrassi Cornerstone Paid Programming Cornerstone Paid Programming
10:00 The Bold and the Beautiful Licence to Drill Licence to Drill
10:30 Celebrity Style Story
11:00 Ellen Degeneres Operation Smile Operation Smile
12:00 Dr. Oz Lumberjacks Question Period
12:30 Cornerstone Paid Programming

Marilyn Denis Show

The Social Cornerstone Paid Programming
1:30  Tribal Trails
2:00 The Social The Listener

The Listener

3:00 The bold & the beautiful

CTV Movie

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

The Distruptors
3:30 ETalk Money Talk
4:00 Dr. Phil The Marilyn Denis Show
5:00 CTV NEWS Vancouver Island Cash Cab W5
6:00 CJDC News CTV News Vancouver Island
CTV News Vancouver Island
6:30 The Social Etalk
7:00 The Big Bang Theory The Listener Highway Thru Hell
7:30 ETalk

CTV Movie

Real Steel

The Flash Arrow Master Chef Junior American Housewife Flashpoint

CTV Movie

Flight Plan


8:30 Mike and Molly
9:00 The Big Bang Theory

Law and Order

Special Victims Unit


Criminal Minds

9:30 Trial and Error
10:00 Mike and Molly Trial and Error Mike and Molly

The Catch

Mike and Molly W5 Mike and Molly
10:30 Anger Management Trial and Error Anger Management Anger Management Anger Management

CJDC News at 11

Comedy Now! Comedy Now!
11:30 Just for Laughs Just for Laughs
12:00 Week in Review Cornerstone Infomercial Cornerstone Infomercial Cornerstone Infomercial Cornerstone Infomercial Etalk Comedy Now!
12:30 Late Night with Seth Meyers The Social Comedy Now!
1:00 AM

Nathan for you

Reno 911

1:30  Etalk Nathan for you Reno 911
2:00 Infomercials Overnight Infomercials Infomercials