Volunteer Week in Dawson Creek

Representatives from the Better At Home program were delegates at Monday’s Dawson Creek City Council Meeting. While they were there to witness Mayor Dale Bumstead proclaim April 12th-18th as National Volunteer Week, it also served as a great opportunity to advise those in attendance of the tireless work ... Read more...

BC Hospitals to protest Federal Government’s health cuts

On Tuesday hospitals across British Columbia will be rallying to protest the Federal Government’s healthcare cuts. In Fort St John, public healthcare workers will be joining the multi-city day of action. Members from the Hospital Employees’ Union, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, The BC Health Coalition and the Canadian ... Read more...

Construction jobs on the rise in BC

Construction jobs in British Columbia are on the rise, and according to a new report that demand isn’t only reliant on future LNG Developments. Experts say the unemployment rate in the industry is already well below historical levels. According to the BC Construction Association, the retirement of employees in the ... Read more...

Wyatt's attack in Charlie Lake

Katy Peck will never forget the day when her precious old man Wyatt battled the wolves outside of their home in Charlie Lake. It was a couple weeks ago on a regular day for the Peck family. Katy’s husband let out their nine year old dog Wyatt into the yard ... Read more...

“Exploring Art Group” showcases their latest work

The Dawson Creek Art Gallery will be full of pieces from the “Exploring Art Group” in the Mile Zero City. The group has an annual spring showcase in the gallery - with pieces featured from the over 25 members of the organization. With so many different, creative people making pieces ... Read more...