Steers, horses, and pigs shown off in local 4-H Achievement Days

100 years ago, the BC 4-H club was founded, giving young farmers the chance to raise their own animals. Today, it's known as one of the biggest clubs throughout the province. This past weekend the North Peace 4-H division showcased their animals for grading. "The 4-H motto is "learn to ... Read more...

Petition for water bombers catches on like wildfire

A petition started down in Vancouver is catching on like wildfire to bring back into use the Martin Mars water bombers. The four-engine cargo transport seaplanes have the largest payload capacity of water bombers in the world, carrying over 27,000 liters of water and fire-suppressing foam. The martin mars was ... Read more...

Strong turnout for Annual Doig River Rodeo

Weather conditions were less than ideal for the Annual Doig River Rodeo, but that didn't stop a strong line-up of competition from showcasing their skills at the Reserve this past weekend. "We have a lot of entries that came in," said rodeo president Robert Dominic. "But with the (Mt. McAllister) ... Read more...

Blast from the past at South Peace Centennial Museum

They were partying like it was the 1900's in Beaverlodge over the weekend. The South Peace Centennial Museum held their annual "Pioneer Day's event. Tractors, steam engines, planters and other farming equipment covered the 40 acre site.  Gordon McLean has been involved in Pioneer Days since its inception in 1967, ... Read more...

Fun in the mud at Bonanza

The District of Bonanza held their 36th annual Fall Fair and mud bog over the weekend. Anyone unfamiliar with the concept, vehicles take turns driving down a pit full of, you guessed it, mud. The fastest one down the bog, wins. Unfortunately there was some precipitation during the two day ... Read more...