Winterkill wipes out dozens of fish at Inga Lake


A photo has been circulating on Facebook that shows dozens of dead fish at Inga Lake.

According to a fishing group on Facebook, winterkill has affected Sundance Lake near Chetwynd as well.

Inga and Sundance are both shallow lakes, and Environmental Emergency Response Officer, Alan Stebbing said it’s not uncommon to see winterkill like this in the region.

“Inga is a fairly shallow lake so sometimes it will freeze all the way down,” added Stebbing, “there could also be an oxygen deprivation because the lake gets frozen over.”

Both lakes have aeration systems in place to prevent oxygen deprivation, but they are not 100% effective.

Stebbing said fishing at Inga Lake will not be affected, as 8000 rainbow trout will be released later this year.

Biologists say the dead fish in the picture are mostly sucker fish.

Photo courtesy of Stevan Prude.