City crews in Fort St John work to clear the roads of snow


In Fort St. John, city crews have traded in their street sweepers for snowplows, as they got more than 20 centimeters of snow.

Crews are starting on priority one roads, before moving onto residential streets in the next few days.

“Moving forward we’re going to be probably dealing with some flooding that’s happening tomorrow and the next day, so we’re bracing for that," said Jeremy Garner, the city's superintendent of roads. "In the meantime, like I said, we’ve got the sand trucks and the gravel trucks out as well, putting that down in the slippery sections.”

While the gravel and sand on the roads will set them back in their sweeping operations, Garner says it won’t cost the city financially, as they have a 500 thousand dollar emergency fund to deal with unexpected weather.

“No one can predict exactly how much snow or how much warm weather we’re going to get in a year, so we’ve built that into our budget in an emergency fund, so that if we do have a larger than normal snowfall, or we need to buy more salt, or more sand, we’ve got that built into the budget, and it’s been there for a number of years," Garner said. "Luckily we haven’t had to dive into it too much, but the city’s prepared for that.”

Garner asks that all motorists give city trucks and crews a wide birth, so that they can get their work done more easily.