Fort St John Kin Club set to host annual easter egg hunt


Hundreds of kids are expected to head to Kin Park this weekend for an Easter tradition.


The Fort St John Kin Club is hosting their annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 15, where children are rewarded with a bag of candy for collecting 2 Easter Eggs each. The club is making a small change this year, moving away from real eggs to a biodegradable alternative.


“Normally we hard boil 1,200 - 1,500 eggs, dye them all individually, and it wasn’t a bad plan, but we were concerned a bit about food wastage," said Collin Budd, club president. "We found some biodegradable plastic eggs out of the states, custom ordered them in, and we’ll be trying them out this year and seeing how they go.”


Potential egg hunters should meet on the west side of the park in front of the playground. The hunt kicks off at 11 a.m sharp.