Peace Region pays tribute to 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge.


Yesterday thousands of Canadians came together to their pay respect to those who fought in the Battle of Vimy Ridge one hundred years ago.

On April 9th, 1917, 30,000 Canadian troops assaulted the German-held high ground known as Vimy Ridge.

The 4-day battle left 3,600 Canadian soldiers dead and over 7,000 wounded.

Ceremonies were held across Canada and in France to pay tribute to those sacrifices.

Here in Fort St John, a ceremony was held to honour those from the Peace Region who served in the First World War.

“My dad was very proud of the Canadians, like I say he was with the British going over Vimy Ridge and the Canadians needed the artillery that the British could supply for that, so that’s where he fit in,” said Marion Ewasiuk who attend the ceremony.

Ewasiuk’s father, Ed Thomas, was a British soldier who supplied artillery support to the Canadians during the battle of the Vimy Ridge.

“You remember and you do pay respect to all that took part in that, you know so it’s a very pride driven feeling that my dad did have, you know what part of this event,” said Ewasiuk.

After the war Ed Thomas left Britain and moved to Fort St John.

He was a founder member of the local legion.