Fort St John road crews start street sweeping


With the snow mostly melted, Fort St John’s city crews are working to get the roads clean.


The city’s street sweepers have hit the roads to make the city less dusty for drivers. The sweepers are running 7 days a week, starting with priority one roads in the downtown core before moving onto residential streets.


“Right now we’re doing a bulk-out on the roadways, getting a lot of the dirt and the heavy sand off the road, and then we’ll move into residential [roads]," said Jeremy Garner, roads superintendent. "Typically we do one or two passes to get the heavy stuff off, so that’s our priority right now.”


Garner says that sweepers will be running every day except for when it rains, as they can’t sweep when it’s muddy. He says drivers and pedestrians should make sure they’re careful when they pass by any of the trucks.


“Treat it as you would any construction, slow-moving vehicle," Garner said. "Give them a wide berth, and make sure they see you before you make any movements if you’re a pedestrian around them.”


The city says their street sweepers use recycled water from the water treatment plant, and that the gravel they pick up is reused.