Vegas fans hopeful Golden Knights & Deryk Engelland can bring the Stanley Cup soon


Vegas fans in the Peace Region flocked to Chetwynd to the Rex Theater last night to watch Game 5, the first time a public screening was set up in the district.

More than one hundred fans hoping to see their teams win.

Many Golden Knights fans sporting Deryk Engelland shirts and jerseys hoping to see their home town hero bring the Stanley Cup to Chetwynd.

There was face painting and the theater was packed to the brim. The game was broadcast live inside.

Even though the Capitals won, organizers are proud of how well the Golden Knights fared in their inaugural season.

"Deryk did an amazing job,” says even organizer Allie Auger. “We're all so proud of him. It was so great to see everyone cheering him on. It was a really good night. They'll be winning it soon and we'll get the cup in Chetwynd."

Auger says more than 200 people from Chetwynd and the surrounding area showed up.

"It was an amazing event. There were a lot of people who came out. I think roughly 200 people and Lots of families and kids. So it was great to see Chetwynd support him and as he's chasing his dream," says Auger.

It turns out the party didn't help the Knights, but hopes are high for a strong season next year.

The Caps went on the win their first ever Stanley Cup defeating the Knights 4-3 in Vegas’ territory.