South Peace BC SPCA thrilled after B.C. banned cat declawing last week


The South Peace BC SPCA is supporting the decision to ban cat declawing in the province.

The College of Veterinarians of B.C. says the new standard was implemented last Tuesday after it researched other jurisdictions and consulted with provincial veterinarians.

It says declawing is “ethically problematic”.

In January, the BC SCPCA called on the college to put a ban in place and now they're happy the group followed through.

"It’s very exciting for us to see this finally passing,” says South Peace BC SPCA Branch Manager Wendy Davies. “A lot of people don't understand of the seriousness of declawing cats. It's not just about removing their claw. They actually remove the bottom knuckle. It's like losing your fingers from the bottom knuckle down.”

Aside from the harm done to cats, Davies says the practice is not an appropriate way to deal with behavioural issues.

"Declawing is obviously painful for cats but also prevents them from engaging in behaviours that promote well-being,” says Davies. “So natural well-being like scratching, stretching; those types of things that are actually necessary for the cat's welfare."

The SPCA says they have been campaigning against declawing for decades.

The college has the power to investigate and impose disciplinary action on vets who ignore the new standard.

Nova Scotia was the first province to ban declawing back in March.

The practice is also not permitted in Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Brazil, the United Kingdom, some parts of Europe and in a few cities in California.