Dawson Creek city staff set a date for Rotary Lake meeting


Dawson Creek city staff have set a date for their public meeting over the future Rotary Lake.

The meeting will be held at the Calvin Kruk Centre from 7-9 pm on Monday, May 28th.

The city will be presenting a timeline with key dates to those who attend.

A request was made to council in February to hold the meetings to hear from residents before any decisions are made regarding the future of the lake.

Northern Health is asking that Rotary Lake adhere to more rules and regulations, after a 12-year-old girl drowned in 2016.

It’s not the only death to occur at the lake though.

In 1994, a 5-year-old drowned as well. 

Council also directed city staff to meet with the Mile Zero Park Society to review intentions to close and decommission the lake and that staff explore options for a replacement.

Northern Health has asked the ministry of health to designate the lake as a pool last July.

Right now there are no lifeguards, and Rotary Lake does not have a license to operate.

The lake was built in 1963, but it has been closed since the 2016 drowning.