Tumbler Ridge man escapes black bear encounter with incredible pictures


A Tumbler Ridge man is lucky to escape with nothing more than pictures after he was only inches away from a large black bear north of Fort St. John.

Robert Mitchell says he was driving his truck by Pink Mountain, north of Fort St. John, when he stumbled across a curious black bear.

The bear proceeded towards his vehicle and then climbed on the car exposing its paws and claws on the window.

He says he wasn’t afraid when he encountered the bear, “I’m not sure what attracted the bear to my truck. This bear has obviously been fed from vehicles in the past.”

Mitchell is no stranger to wandering animals. He says this is the third time a bear has waddled up to his vehicle.

“As far as the emotion and such, I’m a huge outdoorsman and have had many encounters similar to this without the window in between,” says Mitchell. “It was just another experience and cool story to go along with the others.”