MP Zimmer hopes Trudeau will have firm words with Horgan during Kinder Morgan meeting


Conservative MP Bob Zimmer is hoping Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will have “firm language” with B.C. Premier John Horgan during a Kinder Morgan meeting on Sunday.

Trudeau has suspended his international trip to meet with Horgan and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley to discuss the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

Trudeau left for Peru Thursday. He will fly back to Ottawa on Sunday to meet with the two premiers.

The prime minister's office says the purpose of the meeting is to discuss the next steps for moving the pipeline forward.

“I sure hope that the prime minister will have some real firm language for Premier Horgan. This is the way it’s going to go,” says Prince George, Peace River, Northern Rockies MP Bob Zimmer. “It’s a federal project and Premier Horgan has been using every delayed tactic in the book to delay such an important infrastructure.”

Trudeau defended his government's decision to approve the pipeline project in an online video posted on social media, calling it safe.

The federal government has been vocal in its backing of the Trans Mountain expansion.

Zimmer is claiming the liberals are not living up to their promises.

“They’ve said it. Minister Carr has said it in the house too. We have challenged them,” says Zimmer. “They talk a big game, but let’s see them show it. When Horgan is using every trick in the book to delay the project, where’s the prime minister? Where’s Minister Carr? They should be stepping up.”

Kinder Morgan announced Sunday that it was suspending all non-essential spending on the project due to opposition from the BC Government.

The feds say the pipeline is in the national interest and they are looking at regulatory, legal, and financial options to see it built.

Kinder Morgan has given a May 31 deadline for assurance the project can go ahead.

Trudeau's travel plans will continue after he meets with the two NDP premiers.