Prehistoric fossils on display at the North Peace Museum


The Fort St. John North Peace Museum is welcoming two new ichthyosaur fossils to their gallery.

The fossils are loaned by Lee Hollen, an amateur fossil hunter, who discovered them in the North East region of BC.

Ichthyosaurs are the largest marine reptiles ever discovered, that lived back during the Jurassic period.

“A lot of them have been found in this area as well as around the world, but this area has some of the biggest. So back in January, we hosted a documentary on the Pink Mountain ichthyosaurs which was the biggest one found around – well just before 2000, it was unearthed by Dr. Elizabeth Nicholls, and it was 23 metres long,” said Heather Sjoblom, Manager & Curator at the Fort St. John North Peace Museum.

The exhibit highlights the mystery surrounding these marine reptiles as scientists continue to dig deeper into their origin.

“Ichthyosaurs are unlike any other marine reptile from that period that even paleontologists who’ve studied dinosaurs aren’t sure who their closest relative is, so they’re quite unique in terms of species around the world,” said Sjoblom.

The two fossils are only on display at the museum until January.