Dawson Creek RCMP warning drivers about idling during this winter season


Dawson Creek RCMP are reminding drivers of the dangers of leaving their cars idling.

Police say motorists should lock their vehicles while they are left unattended.

This message comes after Fort St. John's police department issued their own release on idling on Friday.

Police say that due to the cold weather, there are more idling vehicles in the area, with many of those vehicles having the keys in the ignition and the doors unlocked.

RCMP say multiple reports have been received of vehicles that have been stolen while they were left unattended in public.

Police say an $81 ticket will be issued to anyone caught leaving their vehicle unsecured.

Police recommend treating your keys like cash and never leave them alone, park in secure well-lit areas, always lock your doors and close the windows, remove valuables from your vehicle, use an electronic engine immobilizer or steering wheel lock, and have an extra spare key on you at all times.