Avalanche warning issued for most parts of B.C.


Avalanche Canada has issued a special public avalanche warning for recreational backcountry users, which is in effect until the end of the day on Monday.

The warning applies to all of the Northern Rockies, the Cariboos, and other areas around the north and south of the province.

Officials say between 50 and 100cm of snow has fallen in the Northern Rockies alone throughout the past week.

Underneath that layer of new snow is another weak layer of snow from January and not much is known about its properties.

The weight of the new snow from nearly three weeks of constant storms has triggered many large avalanches in recent days.

Avalanche activity is expected to change beginning this weekend when the current storm breaks.

A fatal accident has already occurred between Blue River and Valemount at the end of January, while numerous surprises and near-misses have also occurred in the last couple of weeks.

Parks Canada have also released their own set of special public avalanche warnings for the weekend.