MLA Mike Bernier agrees with de Jong on party reform


On Tuesday, we told you that B.C. Liberal candidate Mike de Jong is planning to turn the party into a grassroots, bottom-up organization if he wins the leadership.

He says he will launch a renewal action plan on his first day as leader that makes membership matter every single day of the year and not just when there's a leadership vote or a fundraising drive.

Peace River South MLA Mike Bernier has endorsed de Jong and says the party needs this kind of reform to bring back voters, "He wants to really engage again with the people who are part of the party and let them have more of a say in what's happening in the party and know what money is being raised and what money is being spent and really having their input when it comes to election time."

Bernier says it will guarantee local ridings democratically elect their candidates among other things, “What Mike wants to do is make sure that the local communities get to decide who their candidates are going to be and that's always happened up here but in other parts of B.C., that hasn't. So he wants to make sure that happens."

Bernier endorsed de Jong after he dropped out of the leadership race. He is currently one of six candidates in the running.

A new leader will be decided on February 3.