Site C dam decision expected to be delivered in the next few days


Rumour has it the NDP Government will be making their final decision this week or next to either scrap Site C or continue construction.

A day after CJDC spoke to one of the energy experts who met with cabinet on the project, the B.C. Liberals are firing back.

"When you have people who have biased, very biased, opinions; quite obviously I think it's hard to make decisions like that,” says Peace River North MLA Dan Davies. “We need to make sure that any government should be looking at facts, unbiased information and making the best decision for the future of British Columbians."

That quote was directed towards Robert McCullough, the energy expert who met with Horgan and who we interviewed Tuesday.

The Liberals say cancelling the project is not the right option for the province.

"100+ years of reliable, renewable, clean energy and that is the big piece of it," says Davies.

The NDP has said they will make their final decision before next year.

Davies says the NDP don't understand the impacts the cancellation of the dam would bring to not only workers in the Peace Region, but to other employers as well, "We truly have to look at the spin offs as well. It would go towards people who are providing; whether it would be rentals, hotels or the restaurants. All of that spin off business is certainly going to be dramatically impacted."

The project is estimated to be over budget and it is currently behind schedule, according to the BC Utilities Commission.

Cabinet meetings were held all last week in Victoria and Davies says the government are likely to make their final decision shortly.