Energy expert who met with Premier John Horgan sits down with CJDC


Just days after Premier John Horgan met with energy experts in his cabinet on the Site C dam, CJDC has reached out to one of the experts and shares this exclusive interview with you.

Robert McCullough was one of the six energy experts to meet with cabinet and Premier Horgan last week to discuss findings and expert opinions on the dam.

The NDP Government has not decided to cancel construction for now, but Horgan has come out saying their final decision will take place at the end of this month.

An early November report from the BCUC found that the dam would be over budget and is behind schedule.

The report states the initial $8.3 billion dollar project won't be completed until 2024.

In the commission's report, it states there are “…viable alternative energy sources including wind, geothermal and industrial” that could provide similar benefits to Site C with an equal or lower cost. It does not make a recommendation on whether the province should proceed or cancel the dam.

The document goes on to say terminating the project would cost $1.8 billion, while completing it could cost over $10 billion.

McCullough states cancelling the dam is the best option for B.C., saying the province is not ready to tackle the immense funds that come with its completion, "The bottom line is pretty simple. Renewables have gotten cheap. They've fallen between 60-80% in the last five years. Just think about that this is an incredible bargain. The dam is one of the most expensive in the world."

McCullough goes on to say meeting with the premier was a great experience and should give an indication of what will happen to the project.

"It was exciting and I think quite useful,” says McCullough. “It was very courageous of cabinet to do this. It's the first time in British Columbia’s history that experts have sat down with the premier and his cabinet."

If completed, Site C would be the third dam running along the Peace River.