South Peace SPCA fighting against possible ringworm outbreak


Over at the Dawson Creek SPCA branch, staff and the animals there are in a huge battle against a tough opponent.

The SPCA has been infected by a possible ringworm outbreak. The animal shelter has been fighting the itchy fungi for more than a week.

“When we have something like that happen, we have to treat it as it as ringworm," says branch manager Wendy Davies.

Armed with masks and dis-infecting spray, it's all hands on deck to fight this small fungus.

Tests still need to be done on the cells collected to confirm if it is indeed ringworm. A sample has been shipped to Vancouver for a study.

The SPCA will be running on shorter hours until the test results come back from the south.

SPCA staff say the possible outbreak was initially found when an orange cat was brought into the shelter more than a week ago.

“While we're treating ringworm we appreciate everyone's patience because it does take longer to transfer animals out,” says Davies. “We can't take as many cats in as we normally would."

Davies says many donations are needed to help treat the fungus as the infection spreads quickly.

"While we go through the ringworm treatment, donations of things like paper towels, extra bedding, extra toys, and treats for the animals help. Anything that can help the animals feel a little bit better."

If you have an appointment at the SCPA booked, they encourage you cancel while they deal with the issue.

Ringworm looks like a small red rash and can appear on both humans and animals and it is very contagious.