Peace River North MLA Dan Davies says he's pleased with government bill banning corporate donations in municipal elections


Peace River North MLA Dan Davies and the Liberal Party say they are pleased with the NDP government’s bill to get big money out of politics.

The government introduced the bill yesterday, banning corporations and unions from donating to candidates in municipal elections, and capping individual donations at $1,200. Davies says this is a rare case of bipartisan agreement.

 “Overall, we’re actually at this point supportive of the legislation that’s come out," Davies said. "It’s kind of bringing in line with the provincial legislation that was brought out a few weeks ago, very specifically toward limiting the corporate and union donations, so we’re good with that.”

Davies was a Fort St. John councilor for 12 years, running 4 municipal election campaigns, and says he doesn’t see this affecting the Energetic City much.

“The cost of running a smaller municipal campaign is much different than running something in Vancouver, Surrey, or even Kamloops for that matter where you’re probably upwards of maybe 10 thousand dollars to run a campaign," said Davies. "I think it will affect smaller municipalities different than it will larger municipalities and how you go about fundraising.”

Davies says that while it looks good at first blush, he and the party will be examining it closely over the coming weeks to make sure there is nothing hidden in the bill that the Liberals disagree with.