Police giving Halloween safety tips before the big night


Dawson Creek RCMP are sending out friendly reminders to the public about Halloween safety as the spooky night approaches.

"You’ll see a higher police presence for sure tomorrow night. A lot of the members will be on the road helping keeping an eye on things,” says RCMP spokesperson Jamie Ekkel.

Police confirmed they will be keeping a close eye on tomorrow night.

They are sending out extra warnings to drivers and families collecting candy door-to-door.

Mounties say patrolling officers will be on-call throughout the night in case any mischief arises, “For the parents that will be taking their kids trick-or-treating definitely stay with your kids. When you go up to houses go up to well lit houses. Stay in well lit areas and if you're a parent, go through your kid's candy.”

Ekkel says families should always stick together while going door to door and drivers need to be extra cautious and watch out for the young ones crossing the street.

"For the motorists we just reiterate that there's going to be a lot more foot traffic. For parents keep an eye on their children and know that there are going to be a little bit more of pedestrians," says Ekkel.

Police also remind parents and children to dress warm as temperatures are looking pretty frigid for Halloween.