Gold Fever to hit Taylor this weekend


The District of Taylor is gearing up for one of its longest-running traditions.


The 45th annual Worlds Invitational Gold Panning Championship is set to take place in Peace Island Park this weekend. Gold panners from around the globe will be travelling to the district to see who is the fastest panner in the world. The competition is one of Taylor’s signature events, with deep connections to the province’s history.


“The pursuit of gold probably had a big effect on bringing people to Western Canada and to the Yukon," said Rob Fraser, mayor of the District of Taylor. "The Peace River is full of gold – fine gold that comes down out of the mountains. Maybe that’s changed a little bit with the dams that are on there now, and maybe not so much gold is coming down, but there is fine gold in the Peace, and 45 years ago, this event was held right on the banks of the Peace River.”


Competitions ranging in skill from beginner to World champions will take place this weekend, including a local celebrity event, taking place at noon on Saturday. Fraser says that the event is a great introduction for those looking to try something new.


“If you’ve never seen gold panning before either yourself, or seeing it done at a really high caliber, this is the place to come," Fraiser said. "It’s recognized by all the gold panners as one of the best events in the world, just because of the way it’s structured, and so if you really want to see gold panning happening, and everybody has a little bit of ‘boy, I’d sure like to find some gold’ in them, and this is the place to come and learn, and really experience it.”


Things kick off with a parade tonight in Taylor. For a full schedule of events, visit the District of Taylor’s website -