Dawson Creek unveils 2016 Sunshine List


The City of Dawson Creek has unveiled who has made the most money in 2016 in their “Sunshine List”. The list reveals the staff that were paid the most last year. Jim Chute, Duncan Redfearn, and Shelly Woolf placed in the top three.

Fire Chief Gordon Smith and Director of Development Services Kevin Henderson wrapped up the final places in the top five.

Chute’s $209,000 payday was $50,000 more than Redfearn’s wages. Meanwhile Mayor Dale Bumstead made a grand total of $56,630 while each city councilor made $17,408.

Here are the top earners in the city from last year: 

-CAO James Chute - $209,853

-Director of Community Services Duncan Redfearn - $153,292

-CFO Shelly Woolf - $151,228

-Fire Chief Gordon Smith - $124,417

-Director of Development Services Kevin Henderson $117,431

-Director of Infrastructure Shawn Dahlen – $117,247

-Director of Corporate Administration Brenda Ginter - $111,815

-Deputy Fire Chief Robert Fulton - $109,371

-Public Works Manager Richard Mathieson - $92,891

-Deputy Director of Corporate Administration Tyra-Lee Henderson – $91,283

-Operator II Rodney Booth - $91,280