City of Fort St John looks for help in spreading environmental awareness


The City of Fort St. John is looking to spread the word about being environmentally friendly.

The city is preparing for its second annual Live it Green month in September, with the goal of getting residents to think green. The city is sharing tips for energy and water conservation on their website and says it’s all about being better caretakers. 

“It’s part of our city council’s energy literacy program, but it’s also part of being a good citizen," said Julie Rogers, the city's communications coordinator. "When you’re a citizen of Fort St. John, a citizen of BC, a citizen of the world, you reuse, you recycle, you rethink, which is a new one that NEAT gave us, which means that before you even buy that product, do you need that product? Does that product have too much packaging? Is there one that has less packaging that you can buy? So just the way that we live our lives, and leaving the planet better off for our children and our grandchildren.”

The month will include an open house at the city’s Passive House, tours of the Water Treatment Plant and a yard waste drop off with the Northern Environmental Action Team, but they’re looking to get more organizations and businesses involved in green initiatives and contests. The city says they’re hoping this year’s Live it Green month will be bigger and better than ever.

“We did it a little bit low-key last year, so we didn’t do as much as we are hoping to do this year, that’s why we’re putting the call out a little bit early to get more people participating, but it was really good," Rogers said. "We had a lot of people came to the Passive House open house, we had a lot of people come through the Water Treatment Plant, and we had a lot of conversations on Facebook, and people sharing tips on conservation that were really great.”

Any businesses and residents hoping to get involved should email For more information on the month, visit

Live it Green month starts on September 1st.