Two local parks involved in new park design study


Two parks in the region will be undergoing improvements in the years to come, but they need your help on deciding how they will change.

The Montney Centennial Regional Park in Charlie Lake and the Blackfoot Regional Park in Clayhurst are part of a study called the Regional Park Design Study. The study is done by the Peace River Regional District and it aims to improve them for visitors now and in the future.

The PRRD says the input from the surveys will help with their overall decision on what to do for the parks.

“We’re trying to figure it out whether it needs to stay an overnight park as people use it as an overnight park or if people use it to access the water, if they just go out there to picnic. Those are some of the questions we haven’t asked and that’s why we’re asking them now,“ says Parks and Rural Recreation Co-ordinator Bryna Casey.

The survey’s questions range in all different categories about what you would like to see in the park.

“They guide the development for the park so they will direct and I will do what they say but I mean, the public directs them,”says Casey.

This study began in July and a link to the website can be found here.  It must be completed before August 14.