Dan Davies says BC Liberals ready to move forward in post-Clark era


The BC Liberal Party say they are ready to move forward in the wake of the departure of their long-time leader.


Christy Clark made the announcement on Friday that she will retire from politics, after serving as party leader and premier from 2011 to her government’s defeat in 2017 on a confidence motion. Dan Davies, MLA for Peace River North, says he was surprised and disappointed with the announcement, but he understands her decision.


“At the end of the day this isn’t a caucus decision, this isn’t even a provincial decision," Davies said. "She’s got to weigh a lot of questions on her own future as well, and I’m certain that she probably thought long and hard about what would be best for her, what would be best for her family, and knowing Christy Clark, what would be best for the province of British Columbia and I’m sure that all weighed in on her reason to step down.”


The party has chosen Rich Coleman to be their interim leader. Davies says he’s confident in Coleman’s abilities.


“I don’t think we could have got a stronger interim leader for our party," said Davies. "Rich Coleman has been around the block, without a doubt, he is one of the longest-serving MLAs right now in the province, he has served in opposition, so as far as disarray, I don’t think we’re in that point. In fact, now we get together, we start building a plan and a strategy moving forward to be a very effective opposition in this province with Rich Coleman at the helm.”


Clark’s resignation takes effect on Friday, August 4, at which point Davies says the party has 28 days to lay out the criteria and the plan to begin a search for their permanent leader.