Wildlife camp in Rolla teaches students leadership skills


A wildlife camp took place at the Sportsman Club in Rolla this past week to engage youth in leadership opportunities.

More than 20 youth aged from 9-15 engaged in many leadership and co-operation games at the 'Go Wild! Youth For Conservation' camp, but they didn’t just play games.

They were helping protect the environment by planting trees and they also built bat boxes.

The camp is driven to teach children about the environment and how to gain important leadership skills.

"Everybody had their hands out and then you were blindfolded and you had to run through the people and they had to lift their hands up and that was a trust game," says camper Addison McRae.

Owen Wilkinson is going into Grade 6 in the fall and says the skills he learned this week will help him step up as a leader in his family, "I could be more a role model to my cousin and I learned things to make more people look up to me and I can teach them."

"We try to put in some educational programs so with that we taught them about environmental economics, taught them about what conservation is really about," says camp councilor Chris Lim.

This is the only time the camp stopped in the Dawson Creek area. Camp councilors will be taking the long trip across the province to start all over again and inspire leadership to more students.