Centennial Park set to receive $1.3 million upgrade


Centennial Park is known as Fort St. John’s premier park. It’s a hub for the community, and soon it will be receiving some major upgrades.

The City of Fort St. John is asking citizens to tell them what improvements they would like to see in Centennial Park as it’s expected to receive a $1.3 million redevelopment next year.

But before construction begins, the city plans to host a series of public meetings to discuss a variety of concepts for the park.

 “So an inclusive playground, washrooms, the market festival plaza is going to be here. So where would those major elements fit? We are really looking for the public’s input on that and when you look at the park it’s kind of an odd shape right. It has that kind of right angle turn to it so there represents some design challenges for us, it is our main event park and we want to make sure that it’s really improved; a stage is another major amenity. Where do we want these things and how are we going to run our events? And hey this is the public’s park and this is their hub, this is their community hub so we really need their input on this,” said Wally Ferris, General Manager of Community Services.

The park is used to host a number of community events and is home to a few historical monuments that will also be receiving some touch-ups.

It’s also the primary gathering place for the city’s largest annual events like Canada Day, the Santa Clause Parade and High on Ice Winter Festival.

“We’re a winter city and we embrace winter and we want to make sure we take into account winter city designs when we’re redeveloping this park. High on Ice is one of our largest festivals that we have all year, it’s really well attended, everybody has a great time, so what can we do to improve that experience to everybody,” said Ferris

The next public consultations will be held on July 26th at the Pomeroy Sports Centre at Noon-1:00 PM and 6:30 – 8:00 PM.

Anyone is welcome to attend these meetings and speak with landscape architects who are designing the park.