Wildfire smoke spreads to Dawson Creek


A smoky haze covered Dawson Creek Wednesday morning.

The wildfires burning across the province are so strong that smoke has travelled as far as Calgary and Edmonton.

Here in the peace region, an air quality advisory hasn't been issued, but the smoke can still affect those with health problems.

Dr. Raina Fumerton with Northern Health says the smoke is more dangerous to some people than others, "Some people who are a bit more vulnerable and perhaps a bit more sensitive to wildfire smoke would be people with heart disease or lung disease such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary.”

Children may also be affected as they breathe more rapidly than adults.

Wildfire smoke symptoms include from eye, nose, and throat irritation to difficulty breathing, and in extreme cases cardiovascular distress and chest pain.

"The other thing people can do is visit a clean air shelter or a location that has a large volume of air that's air conditioned and filters the air so some examples where this would be the case are places like shopping malls, swimming pools, public libraries," says Fumerton.

To find out how the air quality is in the region, click here.